Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Try and Try Again

It was very cold this morning so I was really looking forward to my breakfast. I had Quaker Instant Weight Control Cinnamon oatmeal, 1/2 a banana, and a small glass of milk. I tried the Maple & Brown Sugar last week and didn't really like it, so I was hesitant to try the cinnamon. It was much better. I was very full when I left for work, hoping it will hold me for a while.

Oh, I usually forget to include this, but I eat an apple everyday. I try to eat different kinds but tend to stick to the same two or three. Today is a red delicious apple.For lunch today, I am trying a new Smart Ones (it is not actually new, I have just never eaten it before). It is the Smart Ones Pasta Primavera. For dessert, I brought a Banana Nut VitaTop. Nothing fancy for me today.

OMG! It was so good (Smart Ones meal). I wasn't sure if it would be, but I was quite impressed.
I sure hope that I remember to take pics of my afternoon snack. For some reason, I have the hardest time remembering to do it at that time. I brought an orange from home and I will also probably have a Fiber One Bar. I did bring a Kashi Chocolate Raspberry one but it is my last one so I think I will save it.

My netgrocer.com order finally came in!! This is what is pictured above: Fiber One Cinnamon Raisin Bagels (I ordered the bread but they sent the bagels, I called in to let them know their error and they will send the bread ASAP), 2 packs of Whole Wheat Arnold's Sandwich Thins, and 2 packs of Multigrain Sandwich Thins. I ordered 2 of each because my mom wants to try them. I have actually already tried the multigrain ones but was interested in trying the wheat. I love the multigrain so I am sure I will like the wheat. These are not sold anywhere around me so I have no choice but to order them online. Oh, and about the Fiber One Bread, it is so delicious. You get 2 slices for 140 Calories, 2.5g Fat, and 7g Fiber. When I realized they sent me the bagels I was crushed because their nutritional info goes like this: for 1 bagel - 270 Calories, 3g Fat, 10g Fiber. That isn't that bad, but more than I would like to use on one bagel, though they are pretty big. I will just give some to my mom to try and eat one half at a time.
For supper, I had Progresso Light Southwest Style Vegetable Soup, half an Arnold's Sandwich Thin, and 10 Annie's Whole Wheat Bunnies. My dessert was Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Bliss. Later on, before bed, I had a Weight Watchers fudge bar, but forgot to take a pic.......lol

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