Friday, February 20, 2009


I haven't really been keeping up with taking pictures lately. I don't really have a good reason though. I just didn't feel like it for a little bit, but I am slowly trying to get back on track. While I didn't remember to take a picture of everything that I had yesterday, I did decide before supper to start getting back on track.

Breakfast (not pictured) yesterday included 3/4 cup of Puffins, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/4 cup Fiber one and half a sliced banana. I also had a CranBran vitatop.

Lunch (also not pictured) was a Lean Pocket Grilled Chicken Primavera. It was pretty good, but not very big. For dessert, I enjoyed a Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cookie.

My afternoon snack was a cup of sliced orange (I borrowed the pic from a previous post) and a Dannon Light & Fit Blueberry yogurt (no pic).

Here we go with pictures. For supper I decided to throw a Quorn chicken cutlet in the microwave and top it with salsa. I also had corn. I was planning on having broccoli as well, but I wasn't paying attention when I put in the microwave and it overcooked. For dessert I had a Jell-O sugar free dulce de leche pudding cup with 1/2 cup of strawberries.

My favorite meal of the day (I lie, all my meals are my, my night time snack consisted of Orville Redenbacher's 100 Calorie Smart Pop popcorn and a piece of Hershey's Extra Dark chocolate with Pomegranate.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to It!

It was a challenge to remember to take a picture of my breakfast before I ate it. I am always ready to chow down and I tend to forget to take a photo first. This morning I had 2 slices of Peppridge Farm Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin bread with reduced sugar strawberry fruit spread and half a banana sliced on top. I also had a glass of skim milk.

My apple today was a golden delicious.

For lunch, I went with a Kashi Southwest Style chicken frozen meal and a Double Chocolate Dream Vitatop for dessert.

I had grapes and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Cherry bar for afternoon snack.

After work I came home and did the Biggest Loser Cardio Max dvd workout. Then for supper, I had eggbeaters with Laughing cow light garlic and herb cheese, half an Arnold's sandwich thin, and corn. I had a peanut butter cookie for dessert.
I am very excited about my night time snack because it is something I haven't had in a couple of days. Weight Watchers Fudge Bar! Yay!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This morning I was planning on eating a bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal regular flavor with a tbsp of Better 'n Peanut Butter and a half a banana sliced on top. Bad idea! I don't know if the oatmeal was old or what, but it was terrible! So, instead, I ate the banana and fixed a bowl of Puffins and some Almond Breeze (much better!!). I also had one slice of Fiber One Cinnamon Raisin Bread. The only picture I took was of the oatmeal, by the time I had fixed my cereal I had to start eating right away to get the terrible taste of the oatmeal out of my mouth.

My apple today was another Fuji! I do believe that these are my favorite.

For lunch, I finished off my Amy's Black Bean soup from the other night. I had a corn VitaTop and small orange as well. (I have to finish off the vitatops I have now because my new order will be coming in soon, yay!). My dessert was a peanut butter bliss bar.

I got a little side tracked and didn't take pictures for the rest of the day. For supper, the hubby and I went to Chili's. I had the Guiltless Cedar Plank Tilapia with a side of black beans. I love that stuff. For dessert, I brought a Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip cookie with me. Later on, I had a Dannon Light & Fit Blueberry yogurt with 1/2 cup of strawberries in it. It was delicious!!

I believe that I stated in a previous post that I would only post blogs of my meals on weekdays. It is really in an effort to relax on the weekends. I obsess about my meals and planning them, it is really stressful sometimes (long story). I just try to wing it on the weekends. So, be back Monday!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One more day!

I started my day off with a big bowl of cereal. I had 3/4 cup of Kashi Honey Sunshine, 1/4 cup of Fiber One, and a little less than 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean with 2/3 cup of Almond Breeze. I topped this with half a banana and 1/2 cup of strawberries.

I cannot believe it! I actually remembered to take a pic of my apple before digging in.

My lunch was a Morningstar Tomato and Basil Pizza Burger with 2 tbsp pizza sauce and baby spinach in a La Tortilla Factory wrap. With this I had 1/2 a serving of krinkle sticks and a vitalicious brownie for dessert. All in all it was a pretty good lunch. (I am aware how terrible of a picture I took of the brownie, but my camera is getting old and I am not ready to get a new one yet).

My afternoon snack consisted of an orange and a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate granola bar.

It is sad that I can eat the same things over and over again, but I like what I like. For supper, I had 1/2 cup of eggbeaters with spinach and a Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese wedge. With this, I had half a toasted Arnold's sandwich thin and 1/2 cup of corn. For dessert I had one of my yummy weight watchers chocolate chip cookies (not pictured).

Tonight for my night time snack I decided to try something a little different. I had a Yoplait Light Cinnamon Roll yogurt. Now I know that this is not the healthiest yogurt I could be eating, but I am new to eating yogurt and will eventually get to the better stuff. I was afraid that cinnamon roll yogurt would taste funky, but it was actually really good.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I started my morning off with a bowl of Kashi Honey and Cinnamon Oatmeal topped with half a banana. I also had a small glass of milk.

Just as I was about to take my first bite of my apple, I remembered to take a picture. So what you don't see in this picture is that on the opposite side of the apple there are teeth!

It seems like forever since I have had a sandwich, so I had to have one today. It really has only been a couple of days though. I had a turkey sandwich on an Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thin with spinach, Weight Watchers cheese, and a little mustard. With that I had a half serving of krinkle sticks and some steamed broccoli. For dessert, a Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatop. Yum!

Later on in the day, I had a cup of grapes and an apple cinnamon Clif Kid Z Bar. These are my new fav! I have only tried the honey graham and apple cinnamon flavors, but I bought a box of the chocolate chip to try. It is sad, but I am very excited about it!

After coming home from the gym, I had a cup of Amy's Black Bean soup with a serving of Guitless Gourmet Chili Lime tortilla chips. Dessert was a 100 Calorie Yo Crunch cheesecake yogurt.

My night time snack consisted of 1/2 cup of Breyer's Double Churned Free Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream with a half serving of Puffins on top. This has got to be my favorite creation!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Orange you glad it's Tuesday...

Today for breakfast I decided to try some Jumbo Multi-Grain Krispies (I bought them a couple of weeks ago but couldn't bring myself to try them), 1/4 cup of Fiber One, and 1/2 cup of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla. I topped this off with 1/2 cup of strawberries. I also had half of a Fiber One Cinnamon Raisin bagel. It was so good!

I forgot to take a pic of my apple for the day (big surprise), so I had to borrow a picture from last week.

A couple of weeks ago I tried my first Kashi frozen meal. I tried Southwest Style Chicken and it was delicious. I figured that I should try a different kind this week so I went with the Lime Cilantro Shrimp. I also had a tangelo and a banana nut vitatop for dessert. The meal was okay, not bad, but I don't know if I will eat it again.

My afternoon snack was an orange and a dark chocolate cherry Kashi bar.

I had supper in somewhat of a rush because I had to go to the store. I had a Quorn chicken cutlet topped with salsa and a cup of Campbell's Southwestern Style Vegetable soup. My dessert was a Weight Watchers peanut butter bliss bar.

I did have my night time snack but couldn't get a picture of it. It was Orville Reddenbacher's 100 Calorie Smartpop popcorn with a piece of Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Marvelous Monday!

I decided to start my day off with two Kashi Honey Oat waffles, 1/4 cup of sugar-free syrup, and 1/4 cup of blueberries. It was pretty good.

An apple a day!! Golden delicious for today.

For lunch, I had a Boca Mushroom and Mozzarella burger on an Arnold's Sandwich thin with spinach, mustard, ketchup, and pickles. I had LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks on the side and a deep chocolate Vitatop for dessert. Quite a delicious lunch if I do say so myself.

I had a cup of grapes and a Clif Kid Z Bar for an afternoon snack before leaving work and going to the gym.

For supper, I enjoyed 1/2 cup of eggbeaters with spinach and a Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb cheese Wedge with a side of steamed broccoli, and a Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip cookie for dessert. Gotta have my dessert!

Last, but certainly not least, is my night time snack. I decided to have a 100 Calorie Yo Crunch Strawberry yogurt with a 1/3 cup of Kashi Go Lean.