Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Will Try Again! Maybe...

I have been leaving my camera at work lately. Not on purpose, I just tend to forget to take it home. So even if I wanted to take pics of my meals I couldn't, but I am taking home today and I am going to try the pics again. I am supposed to be getting a new laptop so I will be able to do my blogging from there. Right now, I am doing it at work which is probably a really bad idea. Anyway, I hope to be back tomorrow with some PICTURES!!

Also, I am determined to NOT let food control my life. I can't believe that I have even let it get to this point. It is really hard for anyone around me to understand what I am going through though. Most people that have my problem are trying to either lose weight or gain some. I am completely content with my weight and I have been at this weight for a year or two now. I just become more and more consumed with thoughts about food and meals and what to eat and when to eat. AHHH! I make myself crazy. Okay enough for today, back tomorrow.

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